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 December 16th 2006

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PostSubject: December 16th 2006   Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:00 pm

Hi guys!

Christmas vacations are coming soon. santa rendeer I know a lot of you are leaving for a few days at least. If we don't want to get wiped out before we come back in january, let's find ourselves some sitters.

I will be close to my computer even if I won't be online very much, I can log in a few minutes, just to be sure that I'm not losing everything. Also, I sit Diddo's account, so I can check on his account too. I can take one more account to sit, it's written in the "Need a sitter" section.

I would like all of you to find someone to sit your account during the next two weeks.

Arrow Arrow Also, If you know you can log in once every one or two days, please take two accounts to sit. It takes only two minutes of your time to check those two accounts, and can save us a LOT of trouble.

Don't get drunk too much drunken and happy holidays! cheers

"What are you going to do? Bleed on me?"
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December 16th 2006
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